Lactation Management Course

January 22 – 26, 2018
Instructor: Linda J. Smith

Attendees pictured above performing the “Lactation Salute”

For 5 full days, 22 eager participants trekked from all parts of Alaska to soak in the wisdom and experience of Linda J. Smith, MPH, IBCLC, FACCE, FILCA. Not only did attendees obtain a wealth of information through the course materials, connections were made and friendships formed through collaboration and teamwork. Small group activities and a common goal to learn more about the lactation world culminated into a cohesive group of women from all backgrounds. Represented were professions of a clinical setting–Dieticians and Nurses, and public servants–WIC employees and peer-support leaders. Through completing the evidence-based lactation education, participants were able to not only expand their knowledge to better serve families in Alaska, but check one more box off of the requirements for sitting for the IBCLE exam.
Almost all who attended felt a strong bond, and decided to continue efforts to stay in contact after the course. Thanks to Stephanie Holmqvist, MPH, State of Alaska, Division of Public Health, the Alaska Breastfeeding Coalition was able to secure an “Innovation in Breastfeeding” grant. This grant allowed 4 women the opportunity to attend the course through a scholarship. Thank you to the scholarship committee of the Coalition for reviewing and selecting the candidates quickly, providing this opportunity for professionals outside of Anchorage. Participants had the ability to earn 90 hours of lactation-specific education, a requirement to sit for the IBCLE exam, and 32 contact hours for continuing education. This was jointly provided by the Alaska Nurses Association (AaNA) and the Alaska Breastfeeding Coalition. This course could not have been possible without the collaboration of the Alaska Nurses Association, the staff of BP Energy Center, and the assistance in facilitating from Board Members: Carrie DuPuy, Emily Ingram, and Linda Rose Weppner, President Heidi Koslo,  Vice President Terriann Shell, and Treasurer Debbie Baird. The Alaska Breastfeeding Coalition would also like to extend thanks to Jeannette Crenshaw, Jennifer Foster, and Linda J. Smith for providing excellent material for this course.