Thanks to the generous support of the Alaska Breastfeeding Coalition, a limited number of awards are available to provide full or partial support Alaska Native lactation or maternal and young child health workers’ participation in this year’s conference. The vision of the Alaska Breastfeeding Coalition is to provide support to talented and dedicated individuals who are new, emerging, or aspiring breastfeeding leaders, actively promoting maternal and child health, and breastfeeding support in their Tribes.  Individuals who are actively involved in collaborative efforts to support breastfeeding in underserved Alaska Native communities are encouraged to apply.

Additionally, preference will be given to applicants who have never attended an Alaska Breastfeeding Conference and for whom attendance may not be possible without this support.

Application – Please copy these questions, paste them in your email, and answer them. Thank you.

1. Name, Phone Number, and Email.

2. Please describe your Alaska Native background.  Tell about your activities on committees or other activities serving Alaska Native tribes. 

3. How do you feel you have acted as a leader or change-maker in your field or setting?

4. Where do you work in regards to lactation? Are you in an underserved community? Please describe.

5. How many Alaska Breastfeeding Conferences have you attended in the past? How many other breastfeeding training have you attended? Please describe.

6. What other means of support to attend this conference do you have?

7. How do you plan to share and build on what is learned through  attendance of this conference? 

8. Please give a budget of what it would take for you to attend this conference.

Please email your application question answers to: by March 15, 2019

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